Kosovo (Bradt Travel Guide)


This is my baby. A lot of blood, sweat, and rakia went into the updating of this third edition with Bridget Nurre Jennions which hadn’t been touched in six years – an eternity in Kosovo which changes by the day. Because of the editing process we went through and the team we worked with, I couldn’t recommend Bradt Guides enough, nor this guide. Buy it.

This new fully updated 3rd edition of Bradt’s Kosovo is the only full-length English guidebook to this land rich in cultural heritage, generous hospitality and stunning scenery which is celebrating its 10th anniversary of unilateral independence from Serbia. Updated by two resident tourism experts, this new edition is an ideal companion, offering maps, contacts and detailed information not easily accessible online, insider knowledge of one of Europe’s last unspoiled destinations, and comprehensive detail on sites, attractions and practical information.
What was once a hub for adventurous backpackers and international organizations has become an outdoor adventure destination in its own right with a compelling buzz thanks in part to a vibrant young population: the average age here is 26. Mega-hiking trails like the Via Dinarica and Peaks of the Balkans have brought attention to the country’s unmatched scenery and multitude of 2,500+ meter peaks. New via ferratas – climbing routes – appeal to the adventurous set, while newly restored archaeological sites offer a haven for history buffs. This third edition contains a wealth of new tour operators and fully updated maps to key cities and regions that make it easier than ever to explore Europe’s youngest country.

Ringed by high mountains and recovering from a turbulent past, Kosovo is enjoying a tourism renaissance welcoming people from around the world. American visitor numbers tripled in five years and American flags are displayed prominently throughout the country, while Prishtina marks recent historic connections with roads and a statue to Bill Clinton and George Bush.

Following this guide, visitors can ski pristine snowfields and hike saw-toothed mountains, explore the ebb and flow of Islam and of Orthodox Christianity at beautiful shrines such as Gracanica Monastery or Prizren’s Sinan Pasha Mosque, sample raki at one of the vineyards, visit a traditional stone kulla, and be initiated into Prishtina’s coffee-drinking culture.

Bradt’s Kosovo caters for all travelers. With detailed descriptions of the country’s lively cafés and wide-ranging restaurants, as well as the thriving outdoor adventure scene, plus accommodation to suit all budgets, this new edition is ideal for tourists, NGOs and long-term visitors.



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